Merchant SKU ID:PSP2013

SKU Name:Portable Solar Panel


Manufactured Country:China



Packing dimensions:250*135*35(mm)

Packing weight:0.317(kg)


SKU Short Description:

Portable Solar Panel (1.65Wx2) Two-fold Design – Large Surface Area

SKU Long Description:

PSP2013 EXTERNAL SOLAR PANEL is a solar panel without battery in two folds to double the solar charging rate under sunlight, while it is foldable to save storage space. It is designed to provide an extra means of green power source to your portable charger such that you can have instant power supply to your portable device anytime, anywhere from the free energy source. Operation is simple. Just connect PSP2013 using USB cable supplied to start up your portable device by the instant power supply from sunlight anywhere, anytime. No more out of power supply.

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