Merchant SKU ID:MSC2009-A

SKU Name:Mini Solar Charger


Manufactured Country:China



Packing dimensions:217*132*26(mm)

Packing weight:0.128(kg)


SKU Short Description:

Mini Solar Charger (Plastic)

SKU Long Description:

MSC2009-A is a mini portable mini solar charger. It is designed to power virtually any portable device using lithium polymer battery technologies, like iPhone, with smart LED indicators of battery power inside so you get aware of the power remaining anytime as well as LED indicators for the solar charging out and illumination. It is truly a portable power by simply connecting SOLARrabbit® using one of the connectors provided by using the sync cable originally supplied with your device for instant power. Lipo battery capacity : 1200 mAh and solar panel 0.3W.

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